Curly Q Refuge
a Place for Space and Time to Heal and Restore Wildlife to Nature
Curly Q Refuge

Observations: Wild and Not-So-Wild Life

on Curly Q Refuge



Farmer, seer, healer.


It’s not enough to grow produce,

Even to produce.


It’s not enough to see,

Even to understand.


It’s only enough to heal,

Even if it’s only to begin.


Needed: healers.


Rescue operations,

Information-pattern people,

Balance maintainers.


Earth’s natural revolutions unabated.


Curly Q Refuge, owned and operated by Linda and David Behrend in New Ulm, TX, is part of Lone Star Wildlife Rescue, Inc., a non-profit local organization dedicated to rehabbing and returning injured wildlife to the wild.  Up to this point, Linda has paid for all rehab costs from her Lily Pond’s Cottage rentals and personal funds.  Tax-deductible donations to help Linda’s rehab program can be made through Lone Star Wildlife Rescue, Inc. by specifying them for Curly Q Refuge. 100% of all donations will be used for local wildlife rehabilitation and restoration to the natural order.

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